This past January we took a week long vacation to drive up the coast and spend some much needed time in the California Coastal Redwoods. Michelle had wanted me to see that part of the state. It has been a life-long dream of hers to live in the redwoods and this was a trip to see how, and if, they spoke to me. They most definitely did.

We started out on a Saturday and spent the first half of the week in Elk, Ca in a beautiful, charming, and cozy Victorian Bed & Breakfast right on the coast. We drove up to the town of Mendocino, which has an amazing vibe and warm people. We made fast friends with a few of the shop owners. All of that beautiful start to our adventure was tempered by two cases of food poisoning from lunch out that first full day on the coast.

We survived, persevered, and marched on. All the way up to Crescent City where we spent the second half of the week. A lighthouse, an aquarium, the beach, a brewery, a hike and gondola ride through the redwoods, and a seafood lunch on the water. Then, sadly, our week in the redwoods was over. But not before we made our 2nd trip through the Avenue of the Giants, taking more time on our return pass through this awesomely majestic piece of the planet.

So enough of my rambling. Here is the photographic evidence of a journey well taken.